This guide covers the basic usage of the template as well as an overview of the template structure. If you require assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch via email on the Template Support Page.

Blank Starter Template
Inside the "Getting Started" directory, you'll find a page titled "Blank Starter Template". This template includes a navigation bar and a footer - the ideal starting point for your pages.
  • Duplicate the Blank Starter Page template
  • Copy and paste blocks to the newly created page:
Style Guide
The Style Guide page demonstrates the display of all base elements found in this template. The Style Guide provides a central location to make stylistic changes to your site.
Account functionality
That it is for reference only and that the theme does not include account functionality (Sign up, Forgot password, Logging in with a social account, etc.)
Custom Code
Inside the Project Settings, in the Custom Code tab you'll notice some style code has been added to the head of each page.

This code is to ensure that the text rendering is smooth and consistent across all browsers. It does not require any action on your part.
More Information
For further information, please consult the Webflow documentation or reach out to us via the Mail.